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"Not every reader is a leader, but every leader must be a reader."


Harry Truman 

"The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them."

Mark Twain

"I can't imagine I could have become the person that I am now without books. Books became synonymous with freedom. They showed that you could open doors and walk through."

Oprah Winfrey


Welcome to the Website for Project 21  Your Opportunity for Wealth & Freedom!

The Internet Based Home Business

If MONEY is important to you ... read these pages in their entirety, and you will find the secrets of a simple, straightforward program that's earning $$$$s for many people around the world!!

You are obviously looking for a business that's different, really works, and that's still SO NEW that only a privileged few thousand people have seen it on the 'net! You can run it entirely on-line (or off-line), in your spare time, and it works ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!


What you're about to read is a genuine, honest, straightforward, easy to follow program that's been working very profitably online since 1997 when it was first introduced online. The program is called
PROJECT 21, and is being promoted successfully on the 'net by hundreds of home business entrepreneurs who are earning an excellent income from Project 21's simple but very effective business concept.

(It originated in the United Kingdom back in 1989 and  was successfully promoted entirely through regular mail with all it's associated costs, delays, and pitfalls).

This report introduces you to a unique business opportunity that originated by UK based, Gemini Publishing International, which you can copy and easily run yourself. In ONE year it can earn you thousands of dollars using the proven methods of this unique program.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme or money game. It's a simple, but powerful workable business that still startles newcomers when they see the growing demand for it. You have discovered a no-limit business opportunity that will easily produces you a substantial income by following the proven step-by-step formula for success.

It's very satisfying to be able to tell people that you are earning money instead of most business opportunities which promise the earth and deliver nothing.

Forget all the "how to make a million" offers we have seen for years. They're all big on promises but short on commitment. There are very few that tell you exactly how to make the money you want.

PROJECT 21 is a very different kind of opportunity. It's no ordinary wealth building plan. It's a proven and realistic income builder that will provide you with all the money you want for years to come. Each month, for a year, you will receive all the information you need to achieve that income. Firstly, a 40+ page manual which will stun you by its comprehensive, in-depth simplicity.

It's the ultimate wealth creation that has given a new start to many individuals. People like you, who have been searching for a wealth building opportunity for a long time. Your search is now over. You have found that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

PROJECT 21 will answer your income needs well into the future, providing you with the essential tools and the means to achieve real, lasting financial independence.

No doubt you've been waiting a long time to find such a plan. You've probably also wasted a great deal of time and money in your search. Almost all of you have become disillusioned and disheartened. But now you can put all the bad experiences behind you.


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